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Palmetto Bugs – Do You Have an Infestation?

May 12, 2019
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Palmetto bugs are common pests in Florida. They like warm and damp environments that are common throughout Florida, including Daytona Beach, Holly Hill, Ormond Beach and other parts of Flagler and Volusia Counties. They look like cockroaches […]


Know Your Pest: Beetles that Eat Wood

October 22, 2018
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When most people think of wood destroying organisms (WDO’s), they think of termites, specifically subterranean and drywood termites. However, there are many other insects that destroy wood. A less common but potentially devastating invader are beetles. Types […]

ghost ant treatment and extermination

How to Treat For Ghost Ants

September 11, 2018

One of the most common ants we encounter in the field is ghost ants. Many home owners may refer to them as sugar ants or other colorful phrases like “piss ants”. The ghost ant is associated with […]


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