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Rodents 101

Unfortunately, rats and mice have a knack for making their way into our homes — no matter how cleanly and sanitary it may be. While rodents have an easier time calling a messy property home, they can set up shop in a wide variety of conditions. In today’s blog at Dave’s Pest Control, we talk a little bit about rodents, what they are, signs you need rodent control, and how you can get rid of them.

What Are Rodents?

When we say “rodents”, we are mostly referring to rats and mice. However technically speaking, rodents can be chipmunks, gerbils, hamsters, woodchucks, squirrels, prairie dogs, and many more. The common rats and mice that make their way into people’s homes can carry disease, leave droppings throughout your home, make noise in the middle of the night, and be overall nuisances. If you need help safely dealing with rodents on your property, be sure to contact an exterminator at Dave’s Pest Control today!

Common Signs You Need Rodent Control

Even if you don’t see rodents in your home, there are other signs that may suggest that they are there. It’s always wise to keep an eye out and call an exterminator when you see any of the following signs.


You may notice little round droppings under your sinks or in cabinets and cupboards. Rats and mice go wherever and whenever they’d like. So if there are rodents in your home, you will likely stumble upon droppings at some point.

Chewed Food Items

Rodents are scavengers. They may chew through thin plastic bags or other food containers in order to snack on the food in your home.

Chewed or Scratched Areas

You may have noticed chewed or scratched areas where rodents have tried to take shelter in your walls, cabinets, or other wood structures around the home.

Strange Pet Behaviors

If you have a cat or dog, sometimes they know the rodents are there before you do. They may sit and stare intently at one location for hours on end. This can serve as a sign you need an exterminator.

Urine Smell

In some cases, you will smell the rodents before you ever leave them. Over time, a urine smell starts to develop if the rodents go unnoticed.

Scratching/Rustling Noises

Mice and rats aren’t always quiet. In many cases you can hear them scratching are rustling things around your home or in the walls.

Blurs Running Along Walls

You may even spot the little creatures running around your home. Even if you just see a brown blur dart along the wall out of the corner of your eye, there is a good chance you’ve spotted a rodent.

How to Exterminate Rodents

There are common rodent control methods that many people use like mouse traps, glue traps, bait boxes, and more. These methods work well for some people, but it never hurts to work with an exterminator — especially if you have a more serious infestation. Contact the exterminators at Dave’s Pest Control today for rodent control in Flagler and Volusia Counties!


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