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About Our Boca Raton Pest Control Services

The Boca Raton area features a bustling residential community and a commercial business community with many tech companies, educational institutions, and unique local businesses surrounded by beautiful parks and beaches. We have built our name by dedicating ourselves to professionalism, great customer service, and fair pricing.


Why choose Dave’s Pest Control?

  • We are veteran-owned with 40+ years of pest control services experience.
  • Our technicians receieve consistent annual training on the latest in products and treatments in the pest control industry.
  • We have varying treatment plans to ensure the prevention or extermination of your infestation is dealt with timely and appropriately.

Have Questions? Just ask one of our knowledgeable representatives. We are here to help.

Preventative Pest Control Services

Given Palm Beach County's abundance of stunning water bodies and consistently warm weather nearly year-round, it becomes an ideal environment for various pest issues to thrive. Ants, spiders, silverfish, roaches, fleas, ticks, and other typical pests may infiltrate your living spaces, disrupting your peace and comfort. Our quarterly service is designed to effectively manage your pest concerns, maintaining control over infestations. For further information or to schedule a complimentary inspection, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'll gladly offer tailored treatment plans and provide you with helpful pest control strategies to assist in alleviating the problem on your own.

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Mosquito Control

In the United States, there exist more than 200 varieties of mosquitoes, among which 12 transmit pathogens and diseases capable of causing illness in humans. Dealing with mosquitoes can be an ongoing nuisance for homeowners, particularly when attempting to enjoy their own outdoor spaces. Given the prevalence of water, which serves as their breeding grounds, mosquito control is a continual task in Florida communities.

Our comprehensive approach to mosquito control involves identifying problematic areas and breeding sites, employing strategic spraying techniques, and implementing the highly effective In2Care pest control system.

Commercial Pest Control Services

Dave’s Pest Control specializes in assisting local businesses with the management and eradication of pest problems. Rodents, insects, cockroaches, and other pests within your commercial premises not only detract from the aesthetic appeal but also pose health risks and potentially lead to financial losses. Don’t allow pests to disrupt your business operations. Contact our team at Dave’s Pest Control for prompt and efficient commercial pest control services. We cater to a diverse range of businesses, including healthcare facilities, apartments, educational facilities, and more.

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Termite Treatment

At Dave’s Pest Control, we understand the urgency of identifying and eliminating termite infestations in your residential or commercial property. Left unchecked, termites have the potential to cause extensive damage to your building structures. In severe cases, they can compromise the integrity of your foundation, rendering your property unsafe for occupation.

That's why we provide top-tier termite treatment solutions, supported by our comprehensive Termite Warranty. Reach out to us today to discover more about our termite control services and arrange your complimentary appointment within Palm Beach County.

Cockroach Control

Given that cockroaches pose a significant health hazard and are notoriously challenging to eradicate, it's advisable to entrust their extermination to trained professionals. Did you know that cockroaches can spread at least 33 different kinds of bacteria, including E. coli and Salmonella? Thus, addressing a cockroach infestation promptly and effectively is paramount. Fortunately, our team at Dave’s Pest Control specializes in dependable and efficient cockroach control services. Reach out to us today for a price quote or to schedule a complimentary inspection, and let us safeguard your home or business from these resilient pests.


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Rodent Control

With over 40 years of experience in rodent control, Dave's Pest Control offers safe and efficient solutions to eliminate these pests from your home. Rodents are carriers of more than 35 different diseases worldwide. These diseases can be transmitted through contact with rodents, their feces, urine, saliva, or bites.

We provide a diverse range of rodent control methods to swiftly and effectively address the issue. Our arsenal includes Glue boards, Catch-alls, Live traps, and more, ensuring we have the right solution to meet your needs. Trust Dave's Pest Control to rid your home of rodents and protect your family from the health risks associated with these pests.

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