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Why choose Dave’s Pest Control for your exterminator and pest control company needs?

  • We offer more than 40 years of pest control and exterminator experience in the industry.
  • Dave's Pest Control provides a range of services to identify, prevent, and eliminate pest infestations.
  • Highly trained and certified local employees that know the environment and the pests that plague your homes and businesses.
  • We offer services at regular intervals to keep up with your pest control needs.

Contact our team at Dave’s Pest Control to keep your home pest-free!

Areas In and Around Fort Lauderdale We Provide Pest Control

Sunrise - Boca Raton - Pembroke Pines - Coral Springs - Parkland - Kings Point - Mission Bay - Hollywood

Our Local Fort Lauderdale Branch Manager

"My name is Brandon and I have been with Dave's Pest Control for 5 years.  I started as a termite technician before accepting leadership roles, and now being given the opportunity to lead the Sunrise branch. In October 2022, I was given the opportunity to relocate my fiancé and infant to Sunrise as a part of the merger of Life Cycle Pest Control and Dave's Pest Control. Solving the pest issues our communities have has become my passion and such a rewarding feeling.

Please contact me for any issues with pests, lawns, termites, or related concerns. We will continue providing you with the excellent service you have received for years. Thank you for joining the Dave's Pest Control family." 


At Dave’s Pest Control, we have been providing exterminator services across central Florida counties for more than 40 years. In October Dave's Pest Control purchased LifeCycle Pest Control in an effort to expand our business of providing high-quality pest control services, safety, professionalism, and fair prices to homeowners in Sunrise and surrounding communities.

Brandon Roy

Brandon Roy

Branch Manager

More About Our Exterminator Services in Fort Lauderdale

Dave's Pest Control stands as a stalwart defender against the myriad challenges posed by pests in the vibrant city of Fort Lauderdale. Situated amidst the lush landscapes and warm climate of South Florida, Fort Lauderdale is no stranger to pest infestations, with its tropical environment providing a fertile breeding ground for a wide array of pests.

With its strategic location in Sunrise and extensive experience, Dave's Pest Control is uniquely positioned to address the pest control needs of Fort Lauderdale's residents and commercial businesses. Leveraging a combination of cutting-edge technology, expert knowledge, and a commitment to providing our clients with the best customer care, Dave's Pest Control offers comprehensive pest management solutions tailored to the unique characteristics of the region.

From the notorious fire ants that plague lawns and gardens to the elusive roaches that infiltrate homes and businesses, Dave's Pest Control employs integrated pest management (IPM) strategies to target and eradicate pests effectively. By focusing on prevention, inspection, and customized treatment plans, Dave's ensures that pest infestations are not only addressed promptly but also prevented from recurring.

Furthermore, Dave's Pest Control goes beyond traditional pest control methods by embracing technology like the Sentricon® system to interrupt and stop termite infestations from even happening.

In a city where the battle against pests is never-ending, Dave's Pest Control stands as a trusted partner, providing peace of mind and ensuring that homes, businesses, and communities remain safe, healthy, and pest-free. With its unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, Dave's Pest Control continues to be the premier choice for pest management in Fort Lauderdale.

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