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Raccoon Removal

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Hearing noises in your walls?
Is something heavy walking above or below your home?
Did you see a raccoon on your roof?

These are all signs a raccoon has taken up residence in your home, and raccoons are tenants you do not want.

While we may think of raccoons as pests that live in the woods nearby, it’s common for raccoons to live inside houses. Raccoons may be cute, but they can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your home and yard. It’s stunning when you see all the places raccoons can get into. They can ruin insulation, ventilation, and electrical systems and female raccoons will often choose crawl spaces, attics, or chimneys to birth their young.

Hiring an expert in removal is strongly recommended, as these animals are elusive and hard to remove once they are established in a structure.

Raccoons can live 2 to 3 years and are omnivores, meaning they eat both plants and meat so they love getting into our garbage. They are also mammals and will seek warmer environments when it gets cold outside. This is when our homes are most vulnerable to invasion. Soffit runs are the most common entry point. Raccoons can also gain entry through crawl spaces, gable vents, and plumbing voids. Homeowners should have their homes inspected often to help prevent problems like wildlife entry.

At Dave's Pest Control we provide free inspections and can help with any situation related to raccoon removal and raccoon exclusion. We remove raccoons using humane methods, and results are guaranteed. The problem raccoons and their babies will be safely relocated back into the wild far away from your home.

So contact us today to get a free inspection and learn how we can help you deal with these pesky critters.

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