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Lawn Spraying Services in Volusia and Flagler Counties Florida

Monthly Service

In our all-inclusive program, we will monitor the turf and treat for any exterminator problems concerning insects, disease, weeds, fungus, and fertility.

Every Other Month

This includes six pest control treatments per year including two dry fertilizer applications and two liquid fertilizer applications. Each application will also include nutrients and insecticide for turf-damaging insects. Disease control is applied at any level of activity and weed control is applied twice per year.

Quarterly Service

Quarterly service includes four pest control and lawn treatments per year at three-month intervals. Each application will include dry fertilizer and an insecticide for turf-damaging insects like cinch bugs and other pests. Disease and weed control are applied regardless of activity level.

Semi-Annual Service

This includes two pest control and lawn treatments per year, normally in the Spring and Fall. Both applications include a dry fertilizer and an insecticide for dealing with turf-damaging insects. Disease and weed control are applied at any level of activity.

One-Time Service

this includes the on-demand application of nutrients and/or insecticides and/or fungicides and herbicides for specific turf situations.

Termites, bed bugs, cinch bugs, wild animals, and other pests will not disappear on their own. A professional exterminator is often needed since do-it-yourself solutions often do not work to eliminate most types of infestations. Learn more about the benefits of hiring a professional exterminator and pest control service.

Call us at 386-767-7451 to get a free estimate about our lawn spraying to prevent pest infestation. Also, learn about our related pest control solutions for shrub and tree care.

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