Lawn Spraying Service in Volusia & Flagler Counties

Dave's provides the perfect blend of pest control and lawn care to create a healthy and beautiful lawn

Create a Healthy and Pest Free Lawn For Your Family & Friends

At Dave’s Pest Control, proudly servicing Daytona Beach and Port Orange to Deland, and up to Palm Coast, we understand just how damaging some pests can be to your lawn. That’s why we offer our lawn spraying services. Our lawn spraying services are a form of preventative pest control that keeps your lawn safe from harmful pests like funguses and pests while also helping to provide your lawn with crucial nutrition. Homeowners call Dave’s Pest Control today for your lawn spraying services and we can provide you with a free estimate and tell you about our discounted packages.

Areas We Proudly Provide Lawn Spraying Service

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Weed Control, Pest Control & Lawn Fertilization All In One

Fertilization services are applied to increase resistance against the diseases that may infect the lawn and it adds nutrients to the lawn to stunt the growth of the grass. It thickens the yard and the grass, giving it that very healthy and appealing look. Thick grass helps prevent soil runoff, giving you the proper environment for the lawn to thrive.

Our weed control is included in our regular services, we target Crabgrass, Dollarweed, Doveweed, Chickweed, Beggarweed, Pusley, Nutsedge, Globe Sedge, Spurge, and Broadleaf, to name a few commonly targeted weeds in the area. There are tons of different types of weeds - give us a call for a free estimate to find out additional weeds and to schedule a consultation. The only lawn type we do not treat weed control for is Bahia grass.

Our pest control insecticides are there to eliminate the turf damaging pests that will tear up your lawn, we can provide control for fleas, ants, ticks, and some other general household pests that can be affected by the treatment.

At Dave’s Pest Control, we offer preventative lawn spraying services for your lawn at varying intervals to meet your preferences and needs.

  • One-Time
  • Twice Monthly - Bi-Monthly

* We only offer two frequencies of lawn care service, One time and Bi-monthly. We really try to steer away from the one-time service, because in some cases it will take a bit more than one application to transform certain lawns. Once we do a free inspection we can help you understand if a one-time treatment will work for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Lawn Spraying Process


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