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Roaches, Silverfish, and Spiders—Oh, my!

May 4, 2021
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No other bug prompts more calls to pest control technicians than cockroaches. The very sight of them sends chills down your spine. We are repulsed by them and abhor their presence. Can they fly? That is a […]


Wolf Spider at my house

March 16, 2020
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When spiders are often seen , they induce sudden panic and fear. This picture is the common “wolf” spider. (Often incorrectly called huntsman or jumping spiders.) Considered high risk with a painful bite, these spiders however do […]


Exterminator Advice: Spraying For Spiders

February 14, 2019
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We spray. That’s what exterminators do. We spray all the time to exterminate all sorts of pests–ranging from spiders to bed bugs to termites, roaches and other unwelcome pests. Watch Mike, one of our certified pest control […]

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