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Protecting Your Florida Home from Subterranean Termites

In Florida, Subterranean Termites are a common problem, especially during the warm and humid months of spring and summer. During this time, termite colonies may swarm and produce new reproductive members, which can lead to a higher risk of infestation in and around your home. These pests have caused significant damage to homes and buildings in our local neighborhoods making it essential for homeowners to take preventative measures to protect their properties. We have seen damage throughout Volusia, Seminole, Orange and Lake counties. In this blog, we will explore subterranean termites, their behavior, and effective ways to safeguard your home from their destructive impact.

Florida is our home, and it also happens to have the most significant amount of termite problems compared to other states. In fact, Florida is home to three of the most destructive termite species in the world. Subterranean termites are the most common type found in Florida, and they thrive in the moist soil found throughout the state. They are known to cause significant damage to homes, decks, and other wooden structures. These termites typically enter a structure through the foundation or through small cracks and crevices in the wood. They then build underground tunnels and colonies, which can cause extensive damage to the structure over time.

Subterranean termites are a type of termite that lives underground and feeds on wood and other cellulose materials. They are social insects that live in colonies, with each colony consisting of a queen, king, soldiers, and workers. The workers are responsible for foraging for food and constructing tunnels and nests, while soldiers protect the colony from predators. These termites are particularly destructive because they can remain hidden for a long time, making it difficult to detect an infestation until significant damage has been done. If left untreated, subterranean termites can cause significant damage and even lead to the collapse of a home.

Subterranean termites are highly organized and efficient in their behavior. They communicate with each other through pheromones, which help them to locate food sources and warn of danger. When a food source is found, the workers will create tunnels to it, and then bring the food back to the colony to be shared with the rest of the members. These termites are also known for their ability to construct mud tubes, which they use to protect themselves from the air and to maintain the humidity levels necessary for their survival. Mud tubes are made of soil, saliva, and excrement and can often be found on the walls of homes, near the foundation. There are several things homeowners can do to prevent a subterranean termite infestation:

  • Remove wood piles, debris, and other cellulose materials from around the home’s foundation. Subterranean termites are attracted to wood and other cellulose materials, so removing these items from around the home can help reduce the risk of an infestation.
  • Ensure proper ventilation and reduce humidity levels. Termites thrive in humid environments, so it’s important to keep the home well-ventilated and reduce humidity levels. This can be achieved through the use of dehumidifiers and fans.
  • Seal cracks and crevices in the home’s foundation. Subterranean termites can enter the home through even the smallest cracks and crevices in the foundation, so it’s essential to seal these entry points.
  • Install physical barriers. Physical barriers, such as metal mesh and sand barriers, can be installed around the home’s foundation to prevent termites from entering.
  • Call Dave’s Pest Control for regular inspections

At Dave’s Pest Control, we provide complimentary inspections for termite infestations to help you determine the most effective course of action. By being proactive, you can help ensure that your home remains protected from the damaging effects of these pesky pests. At Dave’s Pest Control, we understand the importance of detecting and treating termite infestations early on. We use the latest technology and products to ensure that your home is safe from pests. But our service doesn’t stop there. We also provide ongoing prevention and maintenance to keep pests away for good. Our team will work with you to implement measures such as sealing entry points, removing food sources, and providing regular inspections.

Protecting your investment is crucial, and termites pose a significant threat to your home. These pests are notorious for causing expensive damage by feeding on wood, causing headaches for homeowners. If you’re worried about termite infestations, it’s important to act quickly and seek professional help. Dave’s Pest Control offers expert services to help safeguard your home. To begin the process of securing your home and well-being, schedule a complimentary termite inspection with Dave’s Pest Control today. We operate in Volusia, Orange, Lake and Seminole counties. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to providing effective pest solutions and protecting your property from future termite damage. Take the first step in safeguarding your home and health by scheduling a free estimate with Dave’s Pest Control today. And remember, if you see one more bug, call Dave’s!


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