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Signs You Have Termites


In our previous blog, Termites 101, Dave’s Pest Control gave some basic information about what termites are, termite treatment, and signs of termites. In today’s blog, we dive a little deeper into the signs you can look out for that suggest you may have termites. Keep reading for more in-depth information about termite signs and don’t hesitate to contact us at Dave’s Pest Control for pest control services in Flagler and Volusia County!

Hollow Wood

Termites eat the cellulose that can be found in wood. As the termite infestation continues, the more wood they will eat. One sign that you can keep an eye out for if you suspect you have termites is hollow wood. If you tap or knock on your walls, floors, and other wood surfaces and discover they are hollower than you remembered, you may be in need of termite treatment.

Termite Exit Holes

Termites are very tiny pests, but even tiny pests leave behind evidence — especially pests that are destructive as termites. In the infested wood, if you caught the termites early, you will see pinpoint exit holes about ⅛ of an inch or even smaller. However, it’s much more likely that you will see the exit holes after they have already been sealed. Exit holes are sealed by nymph termites and have a brown cement sort of appearance.

Have you noticed exit holes or hollowness in the wood around your home? Contact a pest control professional at Dave’s Pest Control today.


Termites like to keep the areas they are working in free of debris like their own droppings. Because of this, they create small exit holes where they can evacuate their excrement. If you are near an area that you suspect is infested, look for small black mounds around the area. If you spot a small pile that looks like black sawdust or coffee grounds, you have likely stumbled upon termite droppings and are in need of termite treatment.


As terrifying as it may sound, termite swarms can actually fly. If you don’t actually see a swarm of termites flying around, you may stumble upon their wings. Termites discard their wings shortly after they land and find a new home. Finding termite wings on your property is a good indication that you may have a pest control problem.

Mud Tubes

Some termites are known as “subterranean” termites. This means that the termites are nesting underground and surface to eat. These underground nests serve as protection and help termites maintain the environment that best suits them. Mud tubes are roughly the diameter of a pencil and lead directly from their underground nest to their wooden food source. If you notice small tunnels leading to a shed, wooden patio furniture, or your home, you should reach out to a pest control service right away.

Termite Treatment at Dave’s Pest Control

At Dave’s Pest Control, we have years of experience identifying termite infestations and executing termite treatment. Our pest control team recommends that you do NOT try to deal with termites on your own. The risk associated with termites is too great to risk. If you notice hollowed wood, exit holes, droppings, wings, or mud tubes on your property, reach out to Dave’s Pest Control right away. We are happy to provide termite control throughout Flager, Volusia, and Brevard County.


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