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Lessons from the #MPRRaccoon Raccoon Internet Sensation

You may not have noticed, but one of the biggest sensations on the internet this week was a cute raccoon that blew up the internet.. It wasn’t her cute looks that caught the attention of the masses; it was that she scaled a 23-story concrete building in downtown Minneapolis all on her own (with no shortage of cameras watching and a plethora of bystanders giving real time updates). Once she astonishly scaled this sheer surface that no one would have thought a raccoon could climb, she was humanely captured in a trap baited with cat food and later released into the wild (at an undisclosed location). Raccoons may be cute, and while they may coexist alongside humans in movies like Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, let’s not kid ourselves. Raccoons are pests. They destroy homes, spread diseases and can attack pets and humans alike. The fact that a raccoon can scale a 23 story made of concrete says it all. A determined raccoon can easily find its way into your home or yard. That said, at Dave’s Pest Control, we use the most humane solutions possible to capture raccoons, and exclude the from reentering.. If you have a raccoon problem, do not hesitate to call. We are experts in capturing raccoons and other small animals in Port Orange, Daytona and throughout Flagler and Volusia Counties.

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