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Fumigation Is a Safe and Effective Way to Exterminate Termites in Your Home

No one in Eastern Florida is better at exterminating termites and effectively preventing them from returning than Dave’s Pest Control. We’ve learned a lot about exterminating termites since our our founding in 1980.
Termites do a lot of damage to an infested home. Regular inspections for these and other pests remains an important part of home ownership. When found early, a pest control company can eradicate them more easily. If you have a bad infestation that’s difficult to control otherwise, you may need to have your home fumigated.
Here are some things to know about this method pest control.

Fumigation Kills Bugs With Poisonous Gas

Pest control companies utilize fumigation because of the effectiveness of the gas. It seeps into tiny cracks, flows between walls and permeates your entire home. The fumigation team first covers your home with a tarp to hold the gas in place for several hours. This ensures bugs have no place to hide and escape the deadly fumes, like bed bugs that are hard to exterminate.
The gas is harmful to all living things, so you’ll need to stay out of the house until the process is complete. While the gas itself is poisonous, it doesn’t leave any dangerous residue behind, so the treatment is safe as long as it’s applied by a skilled professional.

Preparation Begins Days in Advance

The fumigation tent stays on your home for a few days, so you need another place to stay during that time because you cannot enter your home once the fumigation begins. Pack clothing and supplies for your family so you’ll have everything you need to stay with a friend or in a hotel. You must also remove all pets from the home, which includes fish, birds and small mammals such as gerbils.
Take house plants outdoors and place them several feet away from the house. Nothing living should remain indoors except the termites.
Your pest control company will instruct you on all necessary preparatory steps for your home, and you may be given bags to seal things in for protection.
This includes putting food in boxes and bags. Some things you’ll want to ask about are dishes, linens, food and children’s mattresses. You may need to take some items with you and double bag others. Since residue isn’t a concern, there isn’t worry about contamination of your home after all the gas dissipates.
You’ll also need to open everything in your home so the gas has easy access to your cabinets, drawers, and every room in your home.
In addition, some prep work may be needed outdoors if you have landscaping plants close to your home. The plants need to be trimmed back from the foundation for their well-being and to allow the exterminators room to work.

Airing Your Home Clears the Poison

Once the treatment stage ends, the fumigators air out your home to get rid of lingering gas. This process lasts several hours, and the exterminator takes samples of the air in your home to determine when it is clear and safe for you to return. Ask for details about cleaning your home so you won’t worry about using your furniture and cooking supplies.
Since no residue from the fumigation should be left clinging to the surfaces in your home, the only cleanup that’s generally necessary is what makes you feel comfortable, such as washing dishes and linens. The gas that’s used to kill the termites is mixed with tear gas when it is applied so people are alerted to its presence. You don’t have to be concerned about odorless gas being present that you are unaware of. Remember, your fumigator makes sure your home is completely safe before you’re allowed to go back inside.
Once the gas is gone, all the bugs in your home, including the termites, should be dead. The gas may even soak into the soil around your foundation to eradicate termites under the ground too. Since there is no residual effect, you’ll want to work with your exterminator to prevent the termites from coming back.
Fumigation is an important job, but it still disrupts your usual routine and probably causes you concern, so you want to work with experts who put your mind is at ease. If you have a termite problem, don’t let the bugs destroy your home. Call Dave’s Pest Control for a safe and effective solution that puts an end to your termite infestation fast.


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